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CONSERVATORY GUIDED TOURS: A great way to spend the day! We offer guided conservatory tours for various groups and clubs. This is a great experience for garden clubs, senior groups, school clubs, families or a group of friends. For more details on tours prices or to schedule a tour for your group,

For more info or
booking please call:


FREE MASTER GARDENER CONSERVATORY TOURS: Join Garfield Park Master Gardeners as they guide you through the Conservatory, highlighting interesting plant and historical information. Tours will take place on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month. Tours are free with admission.


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Every year we enjoy this program!” (Rainforest Explorers)

Everyone talked about what a good time they had.  The parents were very impressed with the whole program.  It was a very enjoyable time.”  (Sensory Adventures)

Carnivorous Plants!

Your program covered everything we had studied.  Great job.” (Rainforest Explorers)  

My class really enjoyed learning about the cool plants.  They also really enjoyed the live animals.  Brittany and Elizabeth did a great job of presenting and kept the students engaged well.”  (Rainforest Adventures)

Chilean Rose-haired Tarantula
The kids loved it and the instructors did a wonderful job making the content age appropriate.  The kids were engaged the whole time.”  (Sensory Adventures)

This was a wonderful program.  The children and teachers loved the tour of the Conservatory.  The plants, trees and flowers were beautiful and our colorful photos will serve as a wonderful reminder.  Elizabeth was a great source of information and was great with the children.” (Sensory Adventures)

Reptile Program!


Field Trip Programs Educational and fun field trip programs for students of all ages! Our tropical Conservatory, classroom area, Children’s Garden, and Sunken Garden allow us to offer unique learning experiences for field trips.

 Programs can be customized to fit the topics and standards that are being studied in the classroom. 
· Programs are based on Indiana state academic standards.  
 All programs can be done year-round.
 In addition to school groups, programs are also available for  daycare, preschool, homeschool, and scout groups.
· Contact Conservatory for specific list of programs designed for summer groups. Call to set up a field trip today!

To schedule, please call (317)327-7580 or email eschleic@indy.gov or jessica.helmbold@indy.gov

Animal Programs:

What’s Bugging You?     K-5th grades,     $5/child,     1 hour.
Students will investigate the rainforest, urban forest, and/or garden (weather-permitting) to discover the insects that live there.  We will discuss the physical characteristics, life cycles, and more.  

Reptiles and Amphibians K-5th grades,     $5/child,     1 hour.
Students will learn the difference between reptiles and amphibians through live animals and props. 

Rainforest Programs: Sensory Adventures   Preschool-1st grade,     $3/child,     45 min.
Students will enjoy a story and animal show and tell.  They will also explore the rainforest environment using their senses.  A planting activity can be added for an additional $1 per child.

Rainforest Explorers       2nd-3rd grades,     $5/child,     1-1.5 hours.
Students can explore the rainforest through a Conservatory tour, group activity and/or animal encounters.  Comparisons will be made between the rainforest and where we live. 

Rainforest Ecology 4th-5th grades,     $5/child,     1-1.5 hours.
Plants and animals are well suited to live in a particular area.  Students will explore adaptations found in the rainforest ecosystem.  

Plant Programs:

The Wonders of Plants K-2nd grades,    $5/child,     1 hour.      
Students will explore the basics of plants, as well as some of the unique adaptations in the rainforest.  This program can also focus on gardening, during Mar-Oct.

An Assortment of Plants                3rd-5th  grades,    $5,     1 hour.
Students will use their detective skills to identify plant groups and what makes them different.

Trees of Indiana                1st-5th  grades,     $5/child,     1 hour.
This program highlights species diversity, fun folklore, uses of trees past and present, and a variety of ways to identify trees.  

Other Topics:

Habitat Hunt                   1st-2nd grades,     $5,     1 hour.
Students will visit a rainforest and urban forest habitat.  Students will compare the areas, and see that each habitat fulfills the needs of living things.

Let’s Go Green 2nd-4th grades,     $5,     45 min.
This program focuses on conservation and what we can do to help preserve our rainforests and the world around us.

Eat or Be Eaten 3rd-4th grades,     $5,     1 hour.
  Learn about the roles of producers, consumers, and decomposers found in the garden and the rainforest. 

Prehistoric Plants     3rd-5th grades,     $5,      1 hour.
Students will explore the Conservatory as paleontologists and learn what plants were around when dinosaurs roamed the earth. 

Middle School and High School Programs can be developed as needed to complement what is being studied in the classroom.   Some topics include: adaptations, medicinal plants, natural cycles, and more!

Rainforest Adaptations K-5th grades   - $5   -  45 minutes our staff will use live plants and animals to teach about life in the rainforest and how organisms are adapted to survive. 

Program content will be adjusted to fit the grade level of the students.   

- $40 program minimum
- Preschool: 1 adult per 5 children= free, otherwise $2 per adult
- School-age: 1 adult per 10 children= free, otherwise $2 per adult
- Teacher or assistant must be present during program. 

- $60 for first program; $40 additional programs
- 40 student maximum per program
- Programs are limited to facilities within Marion County. 

Can’t Come to Us?  Some programs can be brought to you!  Contact us for availability and pricing for outreach programs.




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