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- 2 Hour, 150 people with chair set-up included: $950.00
- 1 hour, 150 people max, NO CHAIRS: $475.00

- 1 Hour, Indoor, 20 guest maximum, standing room only: $275.00

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Garfield Conservatory and Sunken Garden provides a venue for wedding ceremonies only.

To book a shelter for a reception please call Indy Parks Customer Service at 317-327-PARK.

Rental Areas, Prices and Times: (These prices are for the 2015 rental season.)

Sunken Garden with chairs -- $950.00 for 2 hour time slot
- Ceremonies may be held between 11am-1pm or 2pm-4pm
- Outdoor weddings available Mid April - Mid October
- Conservatory admission is NOT included
- Photo permit included with rental

Sunken Garden NO CHAIRS -- $475.00 for 1 hour time slot
- Ceremonies may be held between 11am-7pm on Monday - Saturday, 1pm-7pm on Sunday
- Outdoor rentals available Mid April - Mid October
- Conservatory admission not included
- Photo permit included with rental

Conservatory Waterfall Area -- $275 per hour (2 hour max)

- Ceremonies may be held between 11AM-4PM, call for availability
- 20 people – standing room only
- All wedding events in the Conservatory, including the ceremony and photos must be done during the scheduled rental time.
*These prices are for 2015 and are subject to change each calendar year

Important Wedding Rental Information - Garfield Park Conservatory and Sunken Garden handles only wedding ceremony rentals. To book a park shelter for a reception, please call Indy Parks Customer Service at 317-327-PARK.

Rental Policies and Payment - Conservatory staff will begin taking reservations on December 1st for the following year’s wedding season. Voicemails can be left at midnight, and messages will be returned in the order received on the next business day. Rentals will be taken on a first come, first served basis. Patron must make full payment and sign rental contract within 14 days of initial reservation, or the rental will be cancelled. Please call to make appointment with staff to sign and pay. Cancellations must be made 60 days prior to event in order to receive a refund. A $25 processing fee will be charged for all refunds. Booking for the Conservatory and Garden must be done at least 30 days in advance. All payments must be received at least 14 days prior to booked date or rental will be cancelled.

Fountains, waterfall, flowers, displays, noise, and weather are not guaranteed and no refunds will be issued due to these reasons. Permitee will be responsible for fees incurred due to damage to floral displays, plant material, turf, arch, and/or chairs. Any damage or decorations left behind are subject to a $500.00 damage fee.

Minimal restroom facilities are available in the Conservatory; however they are not to be used as a dressing room. All wedding participants must be dressed upon arrival. Please note that admission to the Conservatory is $2 per person.

Photography - The Conservatory and Sunken Garden has a photography fee for all portrait photo shoots held on the grounds, however this fee is included in wedding rental price. On the day of the rental, photos for weddings held in the Conservatory or Garden are permitted with no extra fee. Please note that daily admission to the Conservatory is $2 per person and can be paid in advance or invoiced to the Permitee. (**ADMISSION may vary due to special events, please confirm price with staff.) Be aware that there may be other weddings/photo shoots occurring on the same day. Photo shoot guidelines are below and must be followed.
- Everyone must remain on the sidewalks and paths. Do not step off the paths into the flowerbeds, on plants or any other structure.
- Do not move or rearrange any plants or props.
- Do not sit on plants, waterfall, fountain or props. You are permitted to sit on benches and the paths.
- Do not block or obstruct any paths while taking pictures. This includes keeping coats, equipment, etc. clear from walkways.
- You are not allowed to bring in props or backdrops.

Rehearsals -Rehearsals may be done during public hours in both the Conservatory and Garden. Please note that participants must still pay admission to the Conservatory which is generally $2 but may vary due to special events. Please check with the staff to confirm admission price or to pay your guest's admission in advance. These rehearsals must not keep the public from enjoying these areas and may take no longer than an hour. All rehearsals must be completed 1 hour before closing (4PM in Conservatory and 8PM in Garden). Rehearsals must be scheduled with Conservatory staff in order to avoid conflicts.

Sunken Garden Wedding Specifics - All weddings in the Sunken Garden will take place in the South garden basin where the wedding arch is located. Along with the arch, 150 chairs will be provided with the $950.00 two hour rental. No more additional chairs may be added. Conservatory staff does all set-up and tear down of chairs. The $475.00 one hour rental does not include chairs. All other clean-up is the responsibility of the Permitee. All decorating and clean-up must be done within the reserved one or two hour rental time slot.

Fountain and floral displays are not guaranteed at any time. Floral displays may not be present in the garden during May, September and October, either because of changing displays or weather conditions. We do not exclude these times from rental, but be aware that flowers may not be present during these months.

The use of glitter, confetti, mylar, rice, and bird seed is prohibited. Staples, tacks, tape or nails may not be used on the arch or chairs. Please use floral wire.

An electrical outlet is available in the Garden. It is approximately 100 feet from wedding arch and Permitee is responsible for providing extension cords for any equipment needed.

Daily admission to the Conservatory is $2, but admission may vary due to special events. Guests who are interested in touring the building can pay the admission directly, or arrangements can be made with the staff in advance to invoice the Permitee.

No provisions exist in case in inclement weather and no refunds will be issued. It is the Permitee’s responsibility to have a rain plan for their event.

Conservatory Waterfall Wedding Specifics - This area is the located in the back of the Conservatory, in front of the waterfall. It is a small space designed for groups of no more than 20 people in attendance. No chairs allowed.

Guests will be charged the current admission fee to the Conservatory unless payment has already been made. Permitees prepaying for guests will receive passes for guests to present at the door.

Under no circumstances will the Conservatory be closed or specific areas be blocked off for wedding events. The public will still have access to the facility. Emergency exits should not be blocked or opened unless in an emergency.

Please keep in mind that the Conservatory, because of its design and purpose, is not air-conditioned and is extremely warm and humid during the summer months. Climate controls will be maintained within the Conservatory, with first priority given to plant health. Mist fans are used throughout the Conservatory to maintain humidity and temperatures and will not be shut off. Flow of waterfall is not guaranteed and cannot be adjusted.

The use of glitter, confetti, mylar, rice, and bird seed is prohibited. Permitee is responsible for all clean-up. All decorating and clean-up must be done within the reserved time slot.

An electrical outlet is available in the Conservatory; however Permitee is responsible for providing an extension cord.

Policy Enforcement - Indy Parks and Recreation staff reserves the right to summon a Park Ranger or Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Officer at any time during an event for enforcement of facility policies, city ordinances and state laws. Violation of these policies may result in the termination of the event and ejection from the facility.

For questions regarding weddings, contact: Elizabeth at 317-327-7580.
Please leave a voicemail as I am frequently away from my desk.


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